3 Reasons – Why You Need a Responsive Website?


A Responsive Website quickly adapts to any screen size. Let the visitor use the mobile phone, tab or laptop, a responsive website gives the best user experience as it adjusts itself with width and height of the device’s screen

There is an ever-increasing number of people who access the internet through their mobile devices. A responsive website is a natural solution to create a good user experience for the mobile and tab users.

A Responsive Website is easy to rank in Google. Since Google recommends a responsive design pattern, it gives priority to a responsive website, if content and other factors too are optimized properly.

Great UI / UX

Our designs have the best UI which in turn gives best UX as well.

SEO Compatiable

Our websites are created to rank high for any keywords in Google.

Responsive Design

Our Designs work great across all platforms and screen sizes.

Great Coding

Coding is maintained clean and adjusted according to the industry best practices.

With the (rapidly) growing increase of mobile traffic to your website, are you serving your customers the simplest user experience? If a website is not optimized for mobile devices that website may not be serving your business purpose.
Responsive style websites permits you to alter components on your page to retort to totally different screen sizes. It changes the layout of the page and supports the device that the user happens to be using. this permits you to be in charge of user experience on various devices and will be able to present your customers with the simplest web site viewability available.



Bootstrap is a framework for developing sites in a very responsive manner quickly and efficiencly than trying to code it from beginning. it’s a free package of tools specifically designed for webistes and web applications. it’s typically composed of interface elements that may be taken and organized on a website to create it according to the device in user’s hand.
Bootstrap may be a good way to inexpensively move your website to a responsive style while not sacrificing plenty of development time. Webhawks has in depth expertise in utilizing Bootstrap in custom solutions as a mobile responsive framework for thriving websites.

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